life is so interesting isn’t? in every day life if you take away a life you can to jail and never get out, but in war the more lives you take the more you are respected and more people start to like you. isn’t the weird when the government says its OK to have a war you can kill people without getting any punishment, but if you kill someone then you can even be put to a death is so….interesting, i wonder, if someone in war escaped with his or her life and then killed a bad person would the person be respected for taking away a life or get punish because he took away a life?? life is so…. boring isn’t? you are born u live to be a good person or a bad person then you died and your done i mean what is the point? why do we have to died? why cant we be different then everyone and live forever?? life is so delicate, we hold it in the palm of our hand , yet someone else can destroy so easily and there is nothing we can do about it hehe i wish i could for a very long time to see how our children do the same stuff we do and how they take care of themselves and compare it to us. 

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  1. Hello this is Nirdeep from Lansing Michigan. I loved this blog not because of how people have to live but because i come From India and so much goes on there.I read this blog and it made me thhink of when I went to India. When I went to india i was so happy to get there. But when I got there I was really sad. there were people on the grounds sleeping, begging for money, little girls whith babies it was so sad. Now if you want ot know more im at moorehayesnirdeep.

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