challenge 7 color!!!

most people have a favorite color but i don’t its not that i don’t have a favorite color is just that i like different colors on different days. some days i might like blue, and some days i might like pink it all depends on how i feeling on the moment.happy = bright color,  sad= very light color,  angry===very dark color, etc. that’s why i like flowers a lot because they are all different colors.

5 thoughts on “challenge 7 color!!!”

  1. Hi my name is Ashley and I love this post. Flowers are my favorite and you chose some really good pictures.

  2. Hey I am the same way. People will be like what’s your favorite color and it will never be the same it kind of rotates. I like this post a lot though. You did a really good job.


  3. Thanks! Ha. I Couldn’t Think Of Anything For The “T”

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