middle school years

Middle school was the best! I love it; it was one of the best things in my life. Me and my friends, Warren, Cody, Ulises, were the ones who did anything in my class. In math class Ulises and I always tried to make Scursso mad and we always tried to annoy him, and we always reached our goal. Warren was the funniest kid I had ever, once Mr.Nagel, our science class teacher, asked what we would be when we grew up and warren said “ a CEO of Taco bell” and then he asked “can you clone a taco?” I will always remember warren one of the funniest kids I have ever meet and one of the most immature kids ever.

Sixth and seventh grade were pretty fun, I was very quiet those years but when I got to eight grade I became very wild. Once in L.A. class, once my friend Jacob was sitting down and then out of nowhere fell down with his chair on the top. Once the teacher asked how old he was and he said 96. Everybody laughed and he got into trouble. I loved middle school.  





Although the word “love” is something people just say to anybody, its still a very strong emotion  and in some cases impossible to break. 


love is light, without love this world would be a place of nothingness and darkness. 


love is its own language- people can know when somebody loves them while other people have no idea 

when you get married you are saying that you are going to follow the path of romance and love.

although love can very beautiful it can to destroy you in a matter of seconds, so if you love something let it go, and if it comes back its yours, if it doesn’t it means it never was.









my name!!!

so the other day i got a comment from Miss.W  and like always i went to her blog to leave a comment back then i saw a post that showed her name in hieroglyphs. so i tried to do the same thing and this is what i got:(sorry about the spaces in between, but i didn’t know how to put it all together, if you want to see your name in hieroglyphs go here)



challenge 7 color!!!

most people have a favorite color but i don’t its not that i don’t have a favorite color is just that i like different colors on different days. some days i might like blue, and some days i might like pink it all depends on how i feeling on the moment.happy = bright color,  sad= very light color,  angry===very dark color, etc. that’s why i like flowers a lot because they are all different colors.








Do you think the United States government should become more or less democratic?

i think that the United States should be more democratic because a lot of people in the united states know whats good for the country and can do a lot of good to the country if given the chance but not many people do get the chance and can’t do anything about it. but if the united states was less democratic those people would get the chance to say what they want to say and do what they what to do and the country would go down with its people.

If the Electoral College was abolished…what should the qualification be to vote in a Presidential Election?

i think anyone over 18 and anyone who has a good education and knows whats best for the country should be able to vote for a president. i think this because if anyone who doesn’t have an education votes he can vote for bad thing not knowing. people who are not over 18 do not know what the real life is and don’t the people face everyday so they don’t really know what to choose for.


life is so interesting isn’t? in every day life if you take away a life you can to jail and never get out, but in war the more lives you take the more you are respected and more people start to like you. isn’t the weird when the government says its OK to have a war you can kill people without getting any punishment, but if you kill someone then you can even be put to a death sentence.life is so….interesting, i wonder, if someone in war escaped with his or her life and then killed a bad person would the person be respected for taking away a life or get punish because he took away a life?? life is so…. boring isn’t? you are born u live to be a good person or a bad person then you died and your done i mean what is the point? why do we have to died? why cant we be different then everyone and live forever?? life is so delicate, we hold it in the palm of our hand , yet someone else can destroy so easily and there is nothing we can do about it hehe i wish i could for a very long time to see how our children do the same stuff we do and how they take care of themselves and compare it to us.